Health Examination Notices

Notices for Health Examination

  1. Please login the Academic Information Systems and fill out the Health Self-Assessment form. Make sure the answers on this form are true and correct. Therefore the school may help you participate successfully in the academic and co-curricular activities at NTHU.
  2. Every new student should have a health examination and finish all the required items. If you have taken a health examination, only health checkup made after June 1, 2020 and includes all the required items are acceptable. And you still have to fill out the Health Self-Assessment, linking to the Academic Information Systems.  If the test does not include all the required items, then you have to complete the lack of items.
  3. For students who have taken the exam within three months before the registration day, please submit the exam report to the medical authority of the health exam.
  4. You will be charged NT$730 for the test. Please pay the fee to the Health Examination Unit on the registration day.
  5. Please take the health examination according to the schedule on the registration day
  6. Please complete the health examination on registration day. If you do not do it, you have to go to the designated hospital in person to finish the health examination.

NTHU Health Examination Notification

The following tests are included in the health examination: General Health examination, Oral examination, height, weight, waistline, chest X-ray, blood test, AC sugar, urinalysis, etc. (as shown in attached NTHU Health Examination Record).

  1. Physician: Yee Zen General Hospital is authorized to provide the health exam service.
    Fee: NT$730.
    Location: Alumni Gymnasium.
    Hours: See the schedule
    ◎ To provide better service and make the procedure better, please follow the assigned schedule to do the health examination (please read the attached file). If you do not arrive on time, you need to wait until other students finish the procedure.
    ◎ The entire health checkup process takes about 30 minutes, it depends on the circumstances.
    ◎ Please have the mask with you while going through physical examination.
  1. Notice
    (1)  In order to have a more accurate report, please fast 6 hours. Please drink plain water only. (Drinks will be provided after the blood test.)
    (2)  Do not bring valuables or wear shirts with metal buttons, sequins to avoid interfering with X-ray results.
    (3)  Barefoot is required for weight measurement.
    (4)  If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, please inform the staff and do not do X-ray.
    (5)  For students who have taken the exam in other hospital within three months before the enrollment date, be sure that the items are identical to NTHU health exam form. Besides, a original copy of the exam report needs to be attached on NTHU health exam form. Please ensure that the form is stamped by the medical authority of the health exam.
    (6)  For students who do not finish all the items, please complete the lack of items in the Alumni Gymnasium and ensure that the form is stamped by the medical authority of the health exam.
  1. Please make sure you finish all the Health examination.
  2. If you have any question about the Health examination, please contact with NTHU Health Center, Tel: (03)5715131 # 43000, 31054