Student Association

Student Association is a school-wide student autonomy institution, bridging the communication between students and school. By representing students to attend various sessions, we stand in students’ shoe, maintaining and fighting for students’ rights. In addition, we hold school-wide activities, for instance, club fairs, arts and cultural activities and special lectures, enriching students’ school life.  Student Association is a unit for students to create an ideal campus together, founded for all the students in NTHU, listening to different voices, and accepting diverse views.

Departments in Student Association

  • Activities Department: handle various student association activities, such as club fairs, large-scale arts and cultural activities, etc.
  • Finance Department: responsible for the accounting, cashier, internal audit and fund subsidy applications of the association, and prepare the budget and final accounts.
  • Secretary Department: deal with various administrative tasks and handle matters assigned by the chairman and deputy chairman.
  • Public Relations Department: responsible for the association’s external relations, statements and open letters, and establish the association’s  image.
  • Student Rights Department: responsible for planning and implementing affairs related to student rights, fighting for rights, changing improper systems, etc.

Job description of Student Association

  • Dealing with the Appeals form students: If you bump into, on campus, any difficulties in such as elective system, traffic problems (school bus) or unfair administrative sanction, please send an E-mail to Students’ Rights Department’s mailbox. We will cope with it and reply to you as soon as possible.
  • Creating room for students’ activities: We hold various activities for club performance and student attending. Moreover, we subsidize activities held by students. By doing so, we hope we can carry out the plans made by students.
  • Attending every session in school: The Authorities sessions in school resolve every policy related to students’ rights. To maintain and promote students’ rights, we attend almost every session in school. We Student Association speak out for students and negotiate with school.

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